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September 2, 2010

Tags: AT&T, Apple iPhone3G, connectivity

AT&T/Apple iPHONE 3G Works Best In The Lincoln Tunnel

The Lincoln Tunnel is where my AT&T-Apple iPhone 3G reliably works. AT&T claims it has 97% of America covered. Looks like Manhattan is either in the uncovered part or being “covered” does not mean staying connected.

I have a solution for NYC users: The Lincoln Tunnel is wired to receive signals throughout its length. My 3G phone works better in the tunnel than above ground in the Big Apple. The tunnel police are cranky about parking in the tunnel, so I keep calls short or try to get stuck in the tunnel during a traffic jam.

My complaints to AT&T about call drops and glacial speed processing are explained away as caused by steel in NYC skyscrapers or consumers who try to use too much of the 3G service that AT&T promotes.

But it works out: My complaints to AT&T about its problematic 3G service have resulted in “adjustments” in the $100 and above range.

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