Having The Last Laugh for Bad Products, Poor Services and Broken Promises


September 10, 2010

Tags: California earthquake insurance, CHUBB

Follow Up: CHUBB Botches Cover Up, Admits Error

CHUBB admitted in a phone call to me yesterday that the package with an “offer” for earthquake insurance (see my last post) was an attempt to correct an earlier “system error” that caused “policies [to be] issued with an incorrect rate.” (more…)

September 8, 2010

Tags: CHUBB, insurance premiums, earthquale insurance

Is CHUBB Finally A Government Agency?

CHUBB just warned me that unless I add earthquake insurance to my CHUBB “Masterpiece" policy, “IT SHALL BE CONCLUSIVELY PRESUMED THAT YOU HAVE NOT ACCEPTED THIS OFFER.”

The “offer” would duplicate the CHUBB earthquake coverage I already have with CHUBB. (more…)