Having The Last Laugh for Bad Products, Poor Services and Broken Promises


September 16, 2010

Tags: SimpleEscapes, hidden fees, VerTrue, Member Works

SimpleEscapes’ Complexity Defense—And Payoff

Imagine my surprise when I discovered an annual fee for a service I never used or
knew I had or realized I had been paying for. (more…)

September 3, 2010

Tags: hidden fees, Citibank

Citibank Tries—And Fails Again—To Collect Hidden Fees

Buried in the 3rd paragraph of the 3rd page in this month’s Citibank’s credit card statement was a notice of next month’s $85 “annual membership fee.” Each year Citi tries to sneak in fees (more…)

I Am Elaine

July 4, 2010

Tags: credit settlement, manipulation, hidden fees

I answered my phone with my standard, “Charles Selden here.”

Long pause. Then a recorded message: “We have an important message for Elaine ---. If this is not Elaine ---, press one. If this is Elaine
---, press two.”

I pressed two.

Another pause while the automatic dialer connected to a (more…)