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New Blog Design Coming

The recent absence of blog posts is not due to lack of opportunities. The blog has been undergoing a top-to-bottom redesign. It will reappear shortly in its new format.

Meanwhile American corporations are doing their part to supply new episodes. I'll shortly resume blogging--this time regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The blog address remains the same. I'll welcome comments on the new look. Stay tuned.  Read More 
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Along with several million other close friends, President Obama emailed me:
Charles –
Two years ago, I met 10 of you.
He said he still remember[s] the time we spent together. Is my memory shot? I have met two presidents. Read More 
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Cindy Becomes AT&T

AT&T’s corporate office in Morristown NJ is a phone company office without phones. No AT&T stores or toll-free help lines have its number. AT&T’s 411 Directory Services handles a request for that number in an inventive way: Read More 
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Apple Seizes Lead For Overcome By Technology Award

Apple Computer has nudged aside AT&T and Sierra AirCard in the race for the 2011 Overcome By Technology Award. Apple first blamed consumers for all those dropped calls by its iPhone 4. The tactic had the ring of Management of Blame Transfer:

1. Blame Users. Consumers are holding their phones wrong. It was followed  Read More 
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I Am Elaine

I answered my phone with my standard, “Charles Selden here.”

Long pause. Then a recorded message: “We have an important message for Elaine ---. If this is not Elaine ---, press one. If this is Elaine
---, press two.”

I pressed two.

Another pause while the automatic dialer connected to a  Read More 
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DOLE Defines "Freshness" & "Premium"

Dole Fresh Vegetables clarified for me what labels means by "freshness" and "premium" on 5 lb bags of Dole Premium Red Potatoes.... Read More 
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Nordstrom's Chinese Pajamas

Neither of my two Nordstrom L Tall pajamas matches the other. The sleeves in one are two inches shorter than the other—along with the rest of the dimensions.

What’s going on? Answer: Outsourcing, followed by slow shrinkage due to quality fade.* Quality fade steadily  Read More 
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