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Along with several million other close friends, President Obama emailed me:
Charles –
Two years ago, I met 10 of you.
He said he still remember[s] the time we spent together. Is my memory shot? I have met two presidents.
Neither was Obama. One was taller (Reagan) and the other was shorter (Truman). I remember both clearly. Anyway he swiftly went from past to present to give me a chance at a third president:

Please make a $3 donation now to be automatically entered to win a trip to be at my side at the rally in Las Vegas.

My reply:
Mr. President–
Scheduling problems will prevent me from being in Vegas with you. Instead of $3, here is an idea worth more: Support a consumerist movement. Remember Harry Truman’s line, “American Corporations have plenty of lobbyists. I want to be the lobbyist for the American people.” Try that approach and keep on doing it after November 3.

Your next State of the Union address will be a challenge. If you think people last time were rude and unfriendly, wait until next year. (You might want to wear a helmet.) When you get to the part when you point to guests sitting in the gallery, I am willing to be there and make a $300 contribution. You look up and say, “And to show you that I support the people and not the corporations, I read that guy’s blog.” I stand, holding a sign with www.consumeristmanifesto.net .

Trust me, this would be genuine change and offer real hope.

It’s been a rough two years, Mr. President. If you come out swinging instead of compromising, it will go better in 2011. And 2012.

Best of luck,
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